Trading excision for education

  Female genital mutilation or “excision” of the
little girls in Sierra Leone was done between age 3
and 5, every year from February to April.
This ancestral and barbaric practice is considered
as an initiation for the little girls and has been propagated
through the influence of the women elders
in each village. Men are not involved in the
practice. FGM is the cutting of
the clitoris and the small labia, (This
is done with no anesthetic, using a razor blade...)
Michele decided to become friend with those women elders
and convinced them to trade excision for Education . 

You may help to eradicate this barbaric ritual

by choosing to sponsor a little girl



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MEA does not directly distribute money and exercises strict control over the financial management of the program, thus ensuring the efficiency of the resources allocated. It does not employ intermediaries and limits its administrative costs to a minimum.

MEA is led by a Swiss Steering Committee and an Executive Committee in Sierra Leone.


Our History


MEA - Masanga Education & Assistance is a Swiss non-profit association whose aim is to fight the practice of excision in Sierra Leone (West Africa).

Considering that wanting to eradicate this practice of excision without compensation was illusory, MEA has developed an original concept of exchange, offering parents to take charge of the education and medical care of their daughters against the formal promise never to excise.


Our Mission

With love and compassion, Michele was able to make friend with the women elders propagating this barbaric institution and convince them to promote Education instead. More than 700 little girls have been spared and 500 are attending school. Preserving the ceremonial tradition has been encouraged but excision is not part of it anymore.

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