Michele enters the Bondos Society

Michele initition into the Bondo Society

the Chief Excisor, Ya Sampa

The Chiefs Excisors & now Ya Sampa,
the great "mutilation" chief in the region are
now entirely on our side.  In January 2010
she celebrated the definite end of her position
as FGM "sawer".  It is now she who recruits
the girls and supervises them - Fantastic!

Yes you are not dreaming, this is Ya Sampa
indeed, the most highly respected woman
around, chief among  the "Bondos women"
(in bleu), bringing those little twins to our
program. She does not want them to be excised.

Ya Sampa

The school children
A great news I want absolutly share with you all. My tenacity, my lack of fear and my faith in life is bringing in fruits.
Many kisses to all.


Minutes of the meeting with the district leaders (chiefs) of Tonkollili and the section chief with the district Sowers.

April 17, 2010


Pa Singbie, Chief of Section, from Rogbeshe
Na Socco, grand chief excisor, working and living in Magburaka
Ya Sampa, ex-exisor and god-mother for the MEA program from Masanga
Na Roukkoh, excisor, from Kholiffa
Susan Conteh, responsable for human rights and child protection, from Magburaka.

Susan Conteh, protection and right of the child, wishes to welcome everyone. We are here today to speak of the rights of the child.
I was excised, but today I will not do it to my children. I have three daughters who will never be subject to excision.
There are many disadvantages with excision, that women need to know. I encourage all the Sowers to examine themselves and to put an end to this practice.
Thank you to my brother Michael and his wife for helping us in building a school for non excised children. This is a first in this country. We will see that the State will encourage your efforts and make your school #1. Bravo to you all.

Pa Singbie, chief of Rogbeseh section. Greetings to all of you. Thanks to Michael and his honorable wife for what you have done in my section.
It is not easy to put an end to this practice in one day, but I am convinced it will work
As for myself, I am giving you my support, yet I am not helping you. May your program work and nobody touch those children enrolled in this program. I am going to work with Ya Sampa and the other Sowers to significantly diminish the practice of excision. I am supporting you and I will be there for you at anytime. Congratulations to Michele and to all the people who are helping us. Education is the key to this world. My next demand is for the need of a similar school here in Rogbeseh. Thank you.

Ya Sampa, God-mother of the program in Masanga. Greetings to everyone. I am the god-mother of this program. I have never been to school. I don’t have any skills, if not for excision which was my work and was my day to day living. I am promising you that I have stopped everything and I will honor my God-mother role for this program. During a ceremony I gave up all my Sowers attributes. I took back my birth name, Ramatu Fornah. I want to stay and continue to support this program as much as possible. I have at heart the future of those children.
I am happy with the school and all the materials provided to the children.
Thank you to Michael and Michele for their work.

Na Socco from Magburaka. Good day, I am Na Socco the most powerful woman in the area. As for me, I am fully ok to stop this trade. Now we will do more and more ceremonies without including excision. I know Michele  & Michael from Masanga well. From this day on I
am with you and I am ready to support you in anyway. If you are ready, next year we could have another Bondos ceremony without excision and I will be happy to conduct it. All the children in your program are protected, may nobody touch them!
Thank you for your work and bravo for this superb school in Masanga.

The ultimate chief, leader of Tonkollili came to meet me in Masanga on April 18, 2010. He congratulated us for our work and for the building of the children’s school. He made me a promise to support us and will be available if we have problems to solve to improve the program.

With his people, he likes our program and will support it anytime.
He is infinitely thanksful to Michele and all her crew.

Pa Alie Kamara, chief of Masanga is gravely ill. He says that he is supporting us in everything.
He gave thanks to Michele and Michael and to all MEA’s crew for this school. "I gave him the gift of a traditional staff."

Michael, April 27, 2010

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